5 Years To Retire

5 Years To Retire

How are you feeling being just 5 years from retirement? Are you smiling and looking forward to retirement living or are you frowning and worried about your retirement years.

For 95% of people (these statistics have been the same for 50 years +), their retirement funds are inadequate to carry on a decent life. Only 5 out of every 100 people have sufficient in their 401k retirement plans.

Decrease Your Spending Pay cash not credit. Credit card debt is running away. It’s way too easy to buy things on credit and pay off someday. Well someday never comes for most people and you are left paying for goods and services you probably never needed in the first place with a hefty 19% interest charge on top. Pay cash for what you really need.

What if you could deal with the manufacturer direct? Well you can. You merely set up an account and you order direct. The goods are sent directly to your home. And the quality? In most cases superior to supermarket sourced goods. Many have patents and are environmentally friendly. Yes you are doing something good for the planet. Check out the store at Switch Shop Save Club.

The other side to having an extra job is that it can play on your health. Working long hours under pressure, can lead to increased stress and less sleep. A lack of sleep can create a whole lot of health issues, including more sick days. Poor sleep and extra days off work because of illness can flag you with your main employer putting you in the spot light to be axed. Is the $4 -$8/hr you get working at Maccas until midnight really worth it?

5 Years To Retire

Years To Retire, Retire, 5 Years To Retire

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