What Is Motivation?

What Is Motivation?
What Is Motivation?

The two major non-psychological theories of motivation have been propounded by Plato in ancient times and by Machiavelli in the medieval times. Their focus is on the different types of desires of human beings to perform various activities. Some of the modern researches support the theory of Machiavelli, known as Machiavellianism, while the theory of Plato is termed as tri-partite theory of soul.

The tripartite theory of soul expounded by Plato, the Greek philosopher of yore, is contained in his treatise, ‘The Republic’. The theory of Plato is based on psyche, in which he divides the human soul into three parts, namely, the logical, the spirited, and the appetitive. He believes that these three parts correspond to the three different classes that could exist in a just society.

Even though motivation is basically psychological, it has also got its roots in other spheres like behavioral aspects, cognitive powers, and social areas. Still, it is basically rooted in the fundamental impulse in optimizing the well-being of the organism, minimizing physical or mental pain, and maximizing pleasure. It originates from several essential or indispensable needs or requirements, such as eating, resting, sex, sleeping, companionship, intellectual activities, physical exercises, healthy life, etc.

It is the inner drive in every organism to act or behave in a specific manner. If you have enough motivation, you might get up early in the morning and continue with your daily activities in a vigorous manner. If you do not have any motivation at all, you might be loitering around the house throughout the day in a lazy manner, doing nothing.

In contrast, Machiavellianism theory is the employment of duplicity and cunningness in general conduct or statecraft. Machiavelli proposed this theory of motivation in his treatise, Il Principe or The Prince. Psychologists use the principles of Machiavelli to explain the tendency of people to remain unemotional, detached from morality, and manipulate others.

Most of our motivations are basically from such internal drives, such as eating food to survive, the secretion of certain hormones that induce sexual desire, etc. However, the drive or the motivation could arise from external stimuli, such as the desire to gain power and position to prove one’s superiority or amass money with a desire to earn more respect in the society.

What Is Motivation?

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