Having An Ascension Into Mindset Development

Having An Ascension Into Mindset Development
Having An Ascension Into Mindset Development

A pupil on his fourth grade failed to get a high score on his science examination. The following day, he took a removal exam but still he did not make it. Now there is a need for an ascension into mindset development for his schoolmates and teacher because they have this surreal thinking. They already kept their thoughts fixed that the child would never get a high grade until he will reach college.

Several cognitive books defined mindset as a mental state which can identify ones feedback and interpretation on a given expected or unexpected experiences. Feeling grotesque while eating with hamburger with a bowl of earthworms in front of you and will think that you are also eating a patty of earthworm is the work of it.

There are only two categories of mindset that were acknowledged, these are the fixed and growth . Not believing in someones opinion is not bad, but considering someones opinion as rubbish is unusual. People with close minds are like this, they only believe on their own instincts and will never turn their head unto someone. Those type of people have fixed mindset.

Growth mindset on the other hand, is an idea in which intelligence is considered flexible and versatile. We can say here that our gifts are either innate or can be acquired and improved. Open minded people are growth type because they always accept the ideas from other proponents or even merged their idea with the other idea in order to create a new idea.

There are paths to be passed in order to improve your thoughts and learning is part of it. There is no man who already knew how bitter some medicines are, how sweet the sugar is and how the dog barks by not studying on them. What I mean by studying here is experiencing. 

A student who always go to school, keep himself punctual, and always burning his eye brows just to get a high grade and be an honor one is fixed. A growth one must always think that as long as he is learning new subject matters and does not worry about any achievements he is doing great.

Accepting hard work, being a hard working person will lead you to acquisition of better ideas. Your efforts unto something and your patience on learning something, will make you an expert and will never bring you to innocence. Just note that you cannot get what you will seek if you will not work for it.

Avoid subjective acceptance of feed backs from people that surrounds you. Feed backs are there to let you know your mistakes and what you ought to redo. A person who does not want to learn will always hide his mistake and will always get discouraged when corrected.

Sharing is not just loving, it is also a mean for improving. As we have discussed, people who always open their minds are the ones with growth thinking. What we mean by open here is an entire open brain, a brain that not only magnets new materials but also shares what he had learned to the one or some who also seeks learning.

Someone who wants a shortcut for this method will never reach the ascension into mindset development for every stations of a journey will teach you to be a better person, a person of virtue. Avoiding all cliches is what you really need in order for you not to limit yourself on improving.

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Having An Ascension Into Mindset Development

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