Tips For Building Self Esteem In Teenage Girls

Though women made considerable gains in their education as well as service in their equal rights warfare, they’re as of yet not doing good when it comes to self-esteem warfare. Girls’ self-esteem usually peaks as they turn 9. Unfortunately, this takes a steep nosedive.

Let’s take a good look at the reason the self-esteem of girls plummets and the things that you need to do for preventing it.What are the things that you should know regarding girls’ self-esteem? Self-esteem happens to be correlated with how people feel about their own selves. It isn’t only about how people look but also how people feel about the way they look. Likewise, it isn’t only about how thriving or smart the others believe or say they are.

Whatever the cause, and what ever the situation you find your self in, you can turn your self-esteem around. Just like any muscle in the body, the right coaching plan will strengthen your self love, esteem and respect in no time.My top 7 tips to Developing solid self esteem are,Make a note of all the negative messages you have about yourself, your body, your worth, potential and limitations – and determine where they came from.

Keep in mind that some messages may have been simply absorbed on an unconscious level i.e. we may have picked up self esteem patterns from our mothers or other female in the home.Now go burn that list and never look back.Create a new list – full of all your best traits, experiences, abilities, and any compliments you’ve received.

Really love yourself!Read this list every day.Create a list of your top goals and take baby steps every day. Think about goals relating to your career, finances, hobbies, spiritual development.Choose to focus on the positive aspects of your self and others every day, and don’t take their negativity personally. Your new positive outlook may unnerve those stuck in the dumps; so stay focused on your positive feelings and don’t get attached to someone else’s trash.Put yourself first!

And most teen girls are faced with increasing number of “stressors” in their lives, particularly in their interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, they react more intensely than typical boys, which throw them towards depressions.

If you are like every parent out there, you constantly worry about your children every day. When they are babies, you worry they are going to fall and get hurt. When they start school, are they going fit in, are they going to make friends, are they going to like school? They get to the age of 9 or 10 now you worry if they are fitting at school.

Be spiritually aware by developing your connection to what you believe in. Take time to relax in nature and re-charge your batteries. Nurture your soul with beauty, peace and love.Putting your needs first is not an act of selfishness, but rather healthy self love and respect. When a woman puts her needs first, she commands respect and appreciation.

If you have old patterns of giving in, thinking about the needs of others, denying yourself any fun and pleasure – did those feelings make you feel good? Did you feel resentful and unappreciated?When you give to yourself, you do only feed your spirit, but you fill the reservoirs of your love and in doing so you can love others too.

As parents, we are so busy working 40-50 hours a week sometimes more that we don’t always see the signs. Low self esteem among teenagers is huge and very troubling. Here’s a few statistics that alarmed me extremely.Girls with low self esteem are more likely to have sex at a young age. 50% of girls interviewed said they had sex by the time in they were in 9th grade some even earlier.

The good stat is that 75% of girls of aged 9 say they like the way they look. That number drastically goes down to 56% by the age of 12 and 13. BY the age of nine, 50% of girls say they have been on a diet or are on a diet. Do you know that 7 million girls and women have an eating disorder and that 20% of women are bulimic in America?

So, here are some ideas for parents who are looking for ways to raise their daughter’s self-esteem and confidence,Firstly, encourage your daughter to have a well-defined identity. This means helping her define what she likes, what she values and what she believes in.

Good questions to ask her are: “Tell me about that”, “Why did you make that decision?” and “Why does it make you feel like that?”Spend lots of time giving her sincere and genuine feedback about her strengths and abilities. For example, “I think you are good at because…”, and “I like the way you…”

My “Mental Me”, the story of who I thought I was, worked overtime. It was a mean girl voice from my childhood still haunting me, one that came from my perception of the rejection I felt from home, standards of those around me, or from comparing myself to others and playing small.You see we store memories at the cellular level – this is scientific fact.

It was really cruel, and ironically, the thing is, I was not particularly mean to other girls. You see at heart, I’m very sensitive about not overtly hurting others. Yes, I have clear boundaries and will say no when I want to, but bullying was never a weakness of mine.Yet, I “bullied” myself often with “not good enough, not worthy or not pretty enough” all the time.

Well, thank goodness for my determined spirit and the realization that the true essence of me, is not the same as what I “think” about me. I learned that I was not my thought and now neuroscience supports that fact that we can stop negative self-talk as we learn how to recognize these stories for what they are – FEAR; Fictitious Evidence Affecting Reality is my acronym for it.

We are able to release this cellular memory and I’m so grateful to know how to do this for myself and to be able to teach my clients how to do the same. Having weaknesses and making mistakes is a part of the human experience. Weakness is just a challenge for you to evolve and grow stronger through.What you do is not the same as who you are.

It’s time to stop beating ourselves up and just see life as a process of unfolding. I’m like a beautiful garden, growing my various flowers of gifts and talents. This is just a new way for many to start to view the process of growth and development instead of judging self and others by some self-defeating paradigm.

This paradigm’s time has come to be evolved into extinction. “Survival of the fittest and lack” from a competitive, judging, lack conscious way, is outdated and is being replaced by “survival by adaptability” and abundance.

Nurturing your Self and getting clear about a strong, powerful self-image and self-esteem, can give you the peace of mind, and ultimately health, happy relationships and business success that is at the heart of a life well lived. What do you think?

Tips For Building Self Esteem In Teenage Girls

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