When The Sadness Is Overwhelming Naples Psychologist Helps Create Solutions For Depression

The word depression can indicate sadness because you have to get out of bed and go to work, or your favorite dress was ruined by the dry cleaner. It can also indicate a serious disorder called clinical depression. As a prominent Naples psychologist can explain, the clinical condition has much more serious repercussions.

There is a list of symptoms and the individual must exhibit five or more to be considered clinically depressed. These symptoms must last for two weeks or longer. Some of the symptoms are gaining or losing a significant amount of body weight, being disinterested in hobbies or work and an all-encompassing sadness.

A clinical depression as defined by the DSM requires that certain criteria be met. There are variations of these combined symptoms. When there are five or more of these named symptoms over a duration of two weeks, it fills the definition of clinical or major depression.

The person afflicted will no longer want to participate in activities he previously enjoyed. His sadness will be deep and overwhelming. Often he will not be able to state a reason why he feels the way he does.

One of the most dangerous symptoms is a focus on suicide. This may require emergency intervention. The individual who exhibits five of the listed symptoms for more than two weeks requires professional help.

At that level of severity, the individual will not be able to either go to work or attend classes if a student. His normal routine will be abruptly abandoned. The CEO may be incapable of running his company and the secretary be unable to type letters on the computer. The clinical depressive disorder is disabling.

When a husband or wife passes away and the surviving spouse is depressed, it is a different type of depression. A Naples psychologist is proficient in distinguishing between that and clinical depression. He will approach the situation in a different way to assist the individual who presents with one or the other.

When The Sadness Is Overwhelming Naples Psychologist Helps Create Solutions For Depression

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